Stage Your Home For Potential Buyers Who Love To Entertain

If you are having an open house and you really want your house to look inviting and like a high end property, there are a few things you want to add to make the open house stand out. You don't want the real estate agent to pick up a package of cookies on the way there or do last minute cleaning; you want the entire house to be staged like you are having guests and entertaining.

If your house is perfect for parties and you have had a lot of get-togethers in the past, and you know a family that likes to entertain will want your house, pretend like you are hosting a party for the buyers. Get the following for the open house.


Offer champagne in flutes for the guests that come through the door. You can also offer wine and specialized beer, along with bottled water. The potential buyers will get the picture of what it's like to relax and unwind in your space, and what it would look like if they were also entertaining in your home.


Do you have a nice surround sound system throughout the house? If so, have some light classical music playing through the speakers. It should be barely noticeable, but you want people to see how high quality it is and that you can hear it in every room of the house. The music will help set the mood for the buyers.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers look amazing in any space, and they provide a fresh scent in the rooms where they rest. You can use large hydrangeas in high open spaces, and specialized arrangements to match the seasonal décor around the home on tables. Fresh flowers are going to add a touch of elegance to the space, and the buyers will imagine getting their own flowers for the property. Ask a company like Fasan Florist for more help.

Your real estate agent will have a long list of things that they want you to do before they start showing your home and before a large open house. Make sure that you do all of the things that they suggest. You may want to meet with a professional stager if you are having a difficult time selling your home. You want people to imagine that they are living in the house like you, and that they are hosting amazing parties with all of the great space, décor and music the house has to offer.

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