Best Cut Flowers To Grow For Your Start Up Florist Shop

If you are just starting up your florist shop, you likely do not have a lot of money yet. To save some, you can start out by growing your own cut flowers until you are ready to buy the flowers on your own. Below are four different types of cut flowers that look great in flower arrangements.


The ageratum blooms in clusters of red, white, and blue. These flowers look great in all flower arrangements, especially those made around the fourth of July. One great benefit of the ageratum flower is that it provides you with continuous blooms from early summer up until your first frost.  This flower is an annual, so you will have to replant it each year. Some tall varieties of the ageratum flower include Red Torp or Blue Horizon, and both of these grow up to 30 inches tall.


The peony flower offers blooms in red, pink, yellow, or white. The blooms are large and look much like a rose, and they are very fragrant. This makes them a favorite of many florists.  These flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. Make sure you like this flower, as it will bloom for you for many years. Some different species that will work well for you include:

  • Mlokosewitschii: Grows up to 26 inches tall
  • Mollis: Grows up to 30 inches tall
  • Officinalis: Grows up to 28 inches tall
  • Tenuifolia: Grows up to 24 inches tall


Zinnias are an annual flower that work great at filling out a flower bouquet, and the color of the blooms you can find are red, yellow, white, pink, purple, and orange. Depending upon the species, some zinnias are low to the ground, and others get very tall. A tall variety that works well for floral arrangements is Zinnia elegans (Benary's Giant).


The coneflower is a tough flower that will bloom for you for many years. They grow on straight stems above clumps of beautiful green foliage. The plants will bloom for you from spring up to the first frost, which provides you with months of flowers. The color of the blooms you will find are pink, yellow, or orange. These flowers often need to be staked, as they tend to flop over once they get to their full height. Some species that work great for floral arrangements include:

  • Echinacea angustifolia – Narrow-leaf Coneflower
  • Echinacea tennesseensis – Tennessee Coneflower
  • Echinacea laevigata – Smooth Coneflower, Smooth Purple Coneflower
  • Echinacea paradoxa – Yellow Coneflower, Bush's Purple Coneflower
  • Echinacea purpurea – Purple Coneflower, Eastern Purple Coneflower

Even when you start making enough money to purchase your own flowers, keep growing these so you can have cut flowers at home for your vases. For more ideas, contact a floral shop in your area like Bouquet Flower Shop.

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