How To Use Silk Flowers To Enhance Your Christmas House

Are you feeling like it was just yesterday that you were wrapping Christmas presents? It may seem impossible that the months have flown by and that Christmas is right around the corner. If you are wanting to add a festive and elegant look to your home, here are some ideas that might inspire you. 

The Front Door - Of course, real Christmas greenery tied up with a big red bow makes for a beautiful wreath. The only problem with that is that it is sometimes hard to keep the wreath looking fresh. Think about ordering a one-of-a-kind wreath made out of silk flowers. Not only will it be beautiful on your door this Christmas, but by storing it properly it will grace your door year after year. When Christmas is over with it's a good idea to store your wreath in a place where the rays of the sun won't fade it.

Your Dining Room - A large centerpiece made of silk flowers for your dining room table will mean that it's ready for guests at all times. 

  • For a formal look, think about combining crystal or white porcelain candlesticks with the arrangement. Selecting candles with some of the colors in your flower arrangement will enhance the arrangement. Also, to add to the elegance consider adding beautiful angels that complement the arrangement would be a pretty touch.
  • For a less formal look, consider adding things like cute snowmen, penguins, and soldier nutcrackers.
  • Even though red, green and white are the traditional colors of Christmas, don't hesitate to use other colors. For example, if your dinnerware has many colors in it, think about bringing one of your plates to the flower arranger so that he or she can use the same colors in the centerpiece arrangement.

Your Kitchen Table - Think of using an arrangement that can be easily moved to make extra space for food.

  • One idea is to select a favorite basket and simply fill it with apples and greenery. Your florist will probably have gorgeous artificial apples and silk holly that will be perfect for the centerpiece.
  • Another fun idea for a kitchen table centerpiece would be to take a teddy bear and a small plate on which the bear can sit to the florist so that the florist can make the bear Christmasy by donning it with silk flowers in an artistic and fun way.
  • Big wooden shoes from Holland filled with silk flowers would be a unique kitchen centerpiece.

Think about asking the flower arranger (such as one from Primrose and Poppy) to make small silk arrangement that you can put on other tabletops in your home. If you are having out-of-town guests, a lovely touch would be to have an arrangement in the guest room that can later be taken home as a reminder of a Christmas spent at your home.

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