Four Ways to Make Your Delivery Service Stand Out

Creating beautiful bouquets and arrangements is only part of what florists do. If you own a local flower shop, you probably offer some sort of delivery service for local customers. To make your business truly unique, there are several things you can do with your flower delivery service to make it stand out from the competition. Here are just a few ideas:

Add Social Media to Your Deliveries

Some people love to share pictures of flowers they receive from their sweethearts on social media. You can make it easy to share pictures by having your delivery driver ask permission to take a photo of the recipient with the flowers. Upload the picture to your social media page with a fun message about the delivery. The recipient can share the photo with his or her friends, which can also lead to more followers on your page and potentially more customers who love the social media sharing aspect of delivery.

Offer Date Night Delivery

Give people a way to make date night extra special by offering to deliver flowers during a date night dinner at a local restaurant. You can arrange to send the flowers before the appetizer or at the end of the meal for a charming way to end the evening. Work with the restaurant managers to ensure perfect timing for the deliveries. The restaurants can even advertise the service to guests so they can order in the middle of dinner for an impromptu date night surprise.

Create Engagement Surprise Packages

People are always looking for unique ways to pop the question, and you can help make it easier by offering engagement surprise packages. Consider offering the following to accompany flower delivery:

  • An engagement ring attached to a single rose
  • A bouquet with a card that says "marry me"
  • A wedding-style bouquet and an invitation to a wedding with the couple's names on it
  • A box of chocolate with a ring inside and a single rose

Make all these options available, or let your customers choose the way they want you to help create an engagement memory.

Provide a Flower Subscription Service

Giving the gift of flowers doesn't have to be limited to special occasions. You can offer a monthly or weekly subscription service that sends beautiful arrangements throughout the year. Your customers can specify which types of flowers they wish to send or you can create a bouquet of the week or month that takes care of color and flower choices for them. This is a great way to ensure repeat business while offering a valuable service.

Adding these fun and unique ideas to your flower delivery service can help you stand out from the competition while helping to boost your sales. Put these ideas to work in your flower shop to see just how much you can expand your business. For further ideas, contact a floral delivery service like Rouvalis Flowers and Garden.

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