Three Mother's Day Gift Ideas To Offer In Your Flower Shop

When it comes to having your florist shop ready for Mother's Day, you probably want to offer a variety of options for customers to choose from. Here are just a few ideas for great gifts you can offer for delivery in your shop.

Green Thumb Arrangements

For moms who love gardening, consider creating a green thumb floral arrangement. For this idea, use a flower pot with rosemary as the centerpiece. The pot can be placed in the kitchen window for easy access to fresh rosemary when cooking, and the plant's flowers will add a burst of color to the arrangement. Add a few seed packets and a small gardening trowel and gardening gloves in a fun color, and wrap the entire arrangement in cellophane with a bow to create a beautiful, delivery-ready item for Mother's Day. If finding rosemary is a challenge, consider simply placing a beautiful flower arrangement in a galvanized bucket, and add the seed packets and gardening accessories to the bucket instead.

New Mom Arrangements

The first Mother's Day for a new mom is a particularly special occasion. Consider creating special arrangements designed specifically for new moms. This could include an arrangement of deep purple lilacs for the mom of a boy or pretty pink tulips for the mom of a girl. Place the flowers in an oversized coffee pot that matches the flowers, which can be used later to pour cups of relaxing tea or energizing coffee as Mom settles into her new role. Choose coffee cups that say "Happy Mother's Day" and the year for an even more memorable gift. Consider adding tea and coffee to the arrangement that can be used with the coffee cup.

Wine And Roses Baskets

Give husbands a way to show how much they care for their wives on Mother's Day with wine and roses gift baskets. Place long-stemmed red roses in a beautiful ice bucket, and add a bottle of wine and bottle opener inside. You can customize this gift idea even further by adding gourmet chocolates or cheeses to complement the wine. If you want to offer a smaller version of this gift, opt for a wicker basket and sampler-sized bottles of wine to go along with the roses.

Offering creative floral delivery arrangements for Mother's Day can help your flower shop stand out from the competition. Get creative with different themes, and be sure to place pictures of each idea on your website so people can see how great your arrangements are before they place an order online. Keep a sample of the arrangements in your shop for walk-in customers as well.

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