Overhead And Underfoot—5 Unique Alternative Ways To Use Flowers At Your Wedding

The flowers at a wedding are almost always one of the highlights of the decorations. But if you're looking for a fresh way to use those flowers, thinking outside the traditional bouquet box can help you turn them from beautiful to awe-inspiring. Here are 5 unique flower ideas for any budget.

Flower Carpet. If your venue has a large swath of a single color—such as the lawn or a dark-colored floor—it may be perfect to add a "rug" of flower petals. Try a swoosh of three colors that complement your wedding colors when your guests enter the room. Or create a rose petal red carpet for the wedding party to walk down the aisle. Flower carpets are a little more expense, but they provide a big bang for your decorative buck.

Garlands. Long rope garlands of inexpensive flowers strung together add pizzazz to just about any boring background. You can use them to decorate a photo op area, provide a backdrop for the cake, or turn an average ceremony location into a romantic niche. You can use simple flowers like carnations for a bold color effect that's still pretty inexpensive at your local flower shop.

Group Single Flowers. You can save money on large table centerpiece arrangements by using single stems spread out over a larger area. A variety of clear vases grouped around the table can be filled with 2, 3, or 4 single flowers for a charming and easy tableau. This trick can stretch your flower budget and allow you to utilize more expensive individual blooms.

Hanging Frames. Hanging some flowers is a fun alternative to simply placing them in vases on tables and counters. Look for wire frames at the flower shop or floral supply store, then hot-glue blooms on to the frames for a unique look. You can even create a hanging chandelier by using a wreath frame as a round base and suspending it horizontally with ribbons tied to a support cable. Cover the wreath with colorful hydrangea, carnations, or daisies.

Initials. Find some oversize individual letters to spell out something special for your wedding—such as the bridal couple's initials or a romantic word—and then cover it with moss or flowers. If using moss, finish the effect with a few clusters of small, romantic flowers like anemones and jasmine leaves. Place or hang the flower- or greenery-covered letters over the guest table, the gift table, or behind the cake for a fantastic and easy focal point.

Work with your florist or flower shop, such as Marine Florists, to determine the best way to execute any of these or other alternative flower uses. The end result will be a more memorable and beautiful wedding that you'll look back on with the best of memories. 

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