Tips For Caring For Cut Flowers

Ordering flowers from a florist can be a great way of decorating the interior of your home or business. Yet, you will want to make sure that you are taking some precautions to ensure that your experience ordering these flowers is as pleasant as possible.

Arrange For A Morning Delivery

While it may not seem like the time of the day that you have your flowers delivered will be a major consideration, it can actually profoundly impact the longevity of the flowers. If you schedule to have the flowers delivered during the hot afternoon, they may be more likely to start wilting if they are not immediately brought into a cool area. This can be particularly problematic if you may not be present to receive the flowers when the delivery person arrives. By ordering the flowers during the cool morning, you can help protect them against heat damage if you are away when they arrive.

Avoid Placing The Flowers On The Window Seal

It can be tempting to place your cut flowers on the window seal. While you may think the sunlight will help the flowers to last longer, this can actually be one of the hottest areas of your building. As a result, placing the flowers on the window seal can actually cause them to degrade far more quickly. While the flowers will benefit from some light, you will want make sure that this is indirect light so as to minimize the heating that occurs.

Remember To Feed Your Flowers

Cut flowers will still require a steady supply of water and sugar to stay alive. Unfortunately, people will often make the mistake of simply giving their flowers plain water. You will want to add small amounts of sugar to the water before you place the flowers in it. To help you with this task, many florists will include a small packet that can be mixed into the water in your vase to meet this need.

Another step that you may want to take is to spritz the leaves and stem of the flowers with a mist of water. You may not realize that flowers can absorb moisture through small pores on their leaves and stems, and this can drastically improve the lifespan of your cut flowers as this will help to offset difficulties the flower may have from getting water through its damaged stem. When misting the flower, you should only use plain water as to avoid leaving a sticky film on the leaves and stem.

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